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Wine Shop & Bar

Welcome to Maltby Street Wine House

Welcome to Maltby Street Wine House - an industrial but cosy newly established wine house nestled in the heart of the iconic and bustling Maltby Street, London. Just a short distance from the Tower of London and the famous Maltby Street Market which has built up a lively atmosphere and fun vibe. The picturesque character of the railway arches and historic decoration draws in many people, and with a healthy mix of street food stalls, delectable restaurants, and a festive atmosphere, you can’t go wrong!

Come and immerse yourself in the understated elegance of Maltby Street Wine House’s unique interiors, tasteful tunes, and exquisite European-inspired menu. Offering a warm and friendly atmosphere, a large selection of continental wines, and delicious cheese & charcuterie platters, our wine house is the perfect place to sit back and unwind. We pride ourselves on serving you a memorable experience over our shared platters. All artisanal and originating from France, Italy, and Switzerland, our boards are the perfect food pairing candidates.

Our chic and welcoming atmosphere encourages socialising with your closest companions, after-work drinks, a promising future fling, or even a sizeable soirée, with our friendly and knowledgeable team always on hand, allowing for a sense of discovery. Think of us as your neighbourhood clubhouse…for wine!

Delicate, bold, sweet, tart or spicy, Maltby Street Wine House helps you find the perfect wine you adore. If you fancy a bottle of wine, but don’t want to sit in, take a bottle away with you. All of our wines are available to take home. Just ask in-store, our helpful staff are more than happy to help

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Opening Hours

Thursday - Friday: 15:00 - 22:30
Saturday - : 12:00 - 23:30
Sunday - : 12:00 - 19.30

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